Vondal Falkrunn

An intelligent, curious and steadfast wizard who doesn't mind a bit of joking around. He may come across as a bit of a twat occasionally.


Vondal Falkrunn is a young dwarf. Height of 4’5", weighing in at 150lbs. Brown eyes, brown skin, and hair that has turned gray due to an experiment gone awry.

He is usually seen in the garb of what would be expected from a wizard. He is a sharp dresser, and his apparel is versatile enough to serve their purpose in the field as well.

He carries around a staff that he uses as a walking stick. A heavy battleaxe hangs by his side, and a couple of handaxes are usually also close to hand.


Vondal was abandoned in the woods when he was but a babe. As luck would have it, a member of the Harpells stumbled across the helpless child and took him into the Ivy Mansion at Longsaddle. He was raised as a member of the household, doing what kids do around the estate.

It wasn’t too long before the Harpells noticed Vondal’s talent for the mystic arts, though they didn’t really know what to do with a dwarf with such affinity. It was decided that he would be placed under the tutelage of Malchor Harpell, who actually resided outside of Longsaddle and did not share his kin’s eccentric ways. Many years were spent learning magic, and a tight bond was forged between student and master.

During this time, Vondal travelled regularly between his master’s tower and the Ivy Mansion on various errands. For the most part he was a likeable lad and didn’t have any trouble making friends with each trip back. He usually means well, but he does also have a tendency to speak too quickly without thinking things through. It was during one such incident that he ran across an excitable chap named Fenrick Ostever. It’s something that Vondal can no longer recall the details of, only that he spoke without thinking again and offended the young lad. Much apologising ensued and the pair eventually became good friends.

All seemed to have been going well until a couple of years ago. He made the return trip from one of his errands to Longsaddle only to find that his master’s tower was no longer there. He could not locate it. It’s as if it disappeared into thin air. He was at a lost about what to do. He returned to the Ivy Mansion to seek assistance, even enlisting the help of his friend Fenrick, but there was no success in finding any clues about his master’s whereabouts or his tower. The other Harpells did not seem to concern about the situation saying that Malchor, more than most, knows how to look after himself. Vondal has no choice at the moment except to put on a brave face, and bide his time at the Ivy Mansion until his master returns.

Vondal Falkrunn

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