Dirk Whitemane

witchhunter_by_ropart-d4740z1.jpg A middle-aged, scarred veteran of some long forgotten war between man and the undead hordes of Netheril, Dirk founded The Silver Blades for one purpose: the complete eradication of all supernatural phenomena from the continent.

Little is known of his relatives, other than the fact that he seemingly has none.

Lately, he has been growing more erratic and desperate in his attempts to hone his abilities and power. Some in The Silver Blades think he has perhaps lost his way – his recent decision of the acceptance of a Shifter, Fenrick Ostever, into the ranks being one of the most controversial.

Some even say he has started talking to himself, speaking in strange tongues. Whatever the case, his reputation and steel-like resolve keep discipline amongst the ranks and none dare question is leadership.

Dirk Whitemane

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