False Riches

The hunt for Clem
Where Clem steals Bec

Clem has run away with Bec.
We take off after him – arrive at TriBoar on the 23rd of Flamerule

Lady Lavina Devyld and her retinue – upstairs dead with blood everywhere, murdered in a busy Inn without making any sound.

Concealed tracks leading away.

The update

In which Fennrick, Vondal, Taigh and Harper make their way into a swamp…

Everything pointed to the swamp holding the key to the missing wild mage.

So :

Using guides the heroes set out into the swamp on giant flat footed birds.

They camped at bones of a giant dead dragon after they fought a giant snake

Crumpling stone building with an old woman called Ruth, weird strange person.

They go sleepy in the night.
Stairs seemed to lead under an old temple – but we did not follow them up.
They travelled further into the swamp area and got attacked at some standing stones.
Turned out they were graves.

Just when we were about to be overwhelmed – a tower appears out of nowhere (like baba yagas giant chicken house) destroyed the undead and a Vondals master appeared.

Hags of the swamp have been corrupted by a metorite. The corruption is being a used by the Hags.

Inn of the thieves
It's a hard knock life

They say that I was cursed by a Shaman before I was kicked out of my tribe…. maybe its true.

After arriving back in Longsaddle we heard rumours of a shieldmeet down south….East of Triboar. So we decided to pack up our gear and head down there.
Didn’t get far before we found a merchant caravan where everyone seemed to have gone mad. Bleeding black oil or something. Weird.
Anyway we killed all them – righted the caravan and headed to Triboar with the merchant who seems to have lost his taste for getting to Luskan.

After a bit of fishing around – looks like the guys that went made drank some strange beer and it sent them crazy.
That was OK but that night 2 thieves broke into our room and tried to nick our stuff….I was taken by surprise and only with some help managed to stop them from fleeing. Got myself a nice chain shirt though… !

Victor? More like MyFaceIsNowAPancaketor.

I never thought I’d be helping kill a man in his own home but there you go. But he deserved it so it’s okay.

After defeating that gross bear, we made way to Victor’s compound with some of the werewolves. I suspect we’re related but I really don’t know and I don’t think it matters but perhaps I might investigate it further but… oh yeah, the compound.

After the werewolves led a few of the guards away we managed to make our way into the compound. It was defended by kids! I tried shooting them in the legs and stuff but damn that was difficult. One of them hit me! Bastard. I managed to hit him back so it’s all good.

We made it into the main building and confonted the man himself. He was all swearing and noise and he smelled like a tavern, but after Harper decided his head should be much flatter than it was, he was dead. (mental note: don’t piss off Harper, I think he’s got some uncontrolled rage issues…)

I found his wife tied up to the bed like a trophy. Disgusting. Tried to free her but she didn’t seem to care. I did however find the diamond that Rowan needs to use to bring his dead sister back to life. So now she’s back! They seem happy.

Props to Tayg for convincing his sons to not kill us. Props to all of us for avoiding actually killing anyone but Victor.

Harper now wants the dead guy’s armour. To be fair it’s really, really nice armour, probably worth a fortune. But I’m not sure if they’ll let him take it…

Poking the bear...
In which we meet dumb wolves and smart bears

So remember that bear we where talking about. Well – we had to kill him. Yup – he’s dead.

After we crossed the bridge we headed further into the badlands. Nasty place with lots of rocks. We came across a camp that had been trashed. It was a “a-oh” moment – like as though we where going to get ambushed and sure enough the moment we roll over what we thought was a dead man – wolves everywhere. Well.. .man-wolves.
Apparently Victor and his bunch of inbred sons attacked the place, doesn’t sound like the wolves where hurt much or at all. They ran away. I think they were dumb bunnies for letting themselves get ambushed…but whatever.
So this wilzard-son guy who ran off with the wand – turns out he wants to resurrect his sister who his father left in the woods to be killed by… the big bad bear.
So we have to find the sisters bones, kill the bear and then so the raise dead thingy.
We travelled back to the bear and set up a ambush….the dwarf fires up the cave and the bear comes trundling out of the fight and we beat it to death. No loot for me.
3rd of Flamerule.

First stop: Longsaddle
We begin.

So, Mac and I travel to Longsaddle looking for work. Odd place.
I’ve seen magics before but this is out there.
Anyway, needing coin and because most of the pro’s are away at a tournament or something. We got a job guarding a dwarf wizard looking for a lost wand.
There was a lot of mumbo jumbo before we headed out.
Spent the night at some ranch place to the north west. A prick of a fellow called Victor the Fertile. Had a bunch of slaves and stuff.
Anyway, we left in a hurry after some weird ghosty thing turned up in the middle of the night. Place is nothing but bad bad news.
We got ambushed later in the day by a big-ass bear. He killed Lucky George and Townley got kicked off the bridge by Marden. Might have been an accident. The silver blades sort of wilted under fire — I guess the bear was pretty nasty.
Finished up by a ravine. Everyone feeling like this job is going downhill fast.
2nd Flamerule.


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