Harper of the Wild

Ex-slave, ex-tribal warrior, working as a mercenary


Harper lived as a bodyguard in Luskan for years before he received his freedom when his former owners moved back south to Baldurs Gate.
With no option of going back to the Half Elf Tribe that he came from he gathered his few possessions and headed out on the road with a bard, playing Inns and market days for the few coins to keep going.

Minor Facts:
Harper’s name is a direct translation of his Elvish name : Nandaro en’ i’ Merka
Harper was a bodyguard but also responsible for cooking, cleaning and other duties – he’s great to have around the house!
Harper was trained as a musician to entertain the family – he became friends with the bard who trained him over time. He would like to do more but he can’t read or write.

He was offered a small mercenary contract in Long Saddle so he signed up…


Harper of the Wild

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