False Riches

Victor? More like MyFaceIsNowAPancaketor.

I never thought I’d be helping kill a man in his own home but there you go. But he deserved it so it’s okay.

After defeating that gross bear, we made way to Victor’s compound with some of the werewolves. I suspect we’re related but I really don’t know and I don’t think it matters but perhaps I might investigate it further but… oh yeah, the compound.

After the werewolves led a few of the guards away we managed to make our way into the compound. It was defended by kids! I tried shooting them in the legs and stuff but damn that was difficult. One of them hit me! Bastard. I managed to hit him back so it’s all good.

We made it into the main building and confonted the man himself. He was all swearing and noise and he smelled like a tavern, but after Harper decided his head should be much flatter than it was, he was dead. (mental note: don’t piss off Harper, I think he’s got some uncontrolled rage issues…)

I found his wife tied up to the bed like a trophy. Disgusting. Tried to free her but she didn’t seem to care. I did however find the diamond that Rowan needs to use to bring his dead sister back to life. So now she’s back! They seem happy.

Props to Tayg for convincing his sons to not kill us. Props to all of us for avoiding actually killing anyone but Victor.

Harper now wants the dead guy’s armour. To be fair it’s really, really nice armour, probably worth a fortune. But I’m not sure if they’ll let him take it…


The armor is mine! You hear me mineeeeeee..


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