False Riches

The update


In which Fennrick, Vondal, Taigh and Harper make their way into a swamp…

Everything pointed to the swamp holding the key to the missing wild mage.

So :

Using guides the heroes set out into the swamp on giant flat footed birds.

They camped at bones of a giant dead dragon after they fought a giant snake

Crumpling stone building with an old woman called Ruth, weird strange person.

They go sleepy in the night.
Stairs seemed to lead under an old temple – but we did not follow them up.
They travelled further into the swamp area and got attacked at some standing stones.
Turned out they were graves.

Just when we were about to be overwhelmed – a tower appears out of nowhere (like baba yagas giant chicken house) destroyed the undead and a Vondals master appeared.

Hags of the swamp have been corrupted by a metorite. The corruption is being a used by the Hags.



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