False Riches

Poking the bear...

In which we meet dumb wolves and smart bears

So remember that bear we where talking about. Well – we had to kill him. Yup – he’s dead.

After we crossed the bridge we headed further into the badlands. Nasty place with lots of rocks. We came across a camp that had been trashed. It was a “a-oh” moment – like as though we where going to get ambushed and sure enough the moment we roll over what we thought was a dead man – wolves everywhere. Well.. .man-wolves.
Apparently Victor and his bunch of inbred sons attacked the place, doesn’t sound like the wolves where hurt much or at all. They ran away. I think they were dumb bunnies for letting themselves get ambushed…but whatever.
So this wilzard-son guy who ran off with the wand – turns out he wants to resurrect his sister who his father left in the woods to be killed by… the big bad bear.
So we have to find the sisters bones, kill the bear and then so the raise dead thingy.
We travelled back to the bear and set up a ambush….the dwarf fires up the cave and the bear comes trundling out of the fight and we beat it to death. No loot for me.
3rd of Flamerule.



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