False Riches

Inn of the thieves

It's a hard knock life

They say that I was cursed by a Shaman before I was kicked out of my tribe…. maybe its true.

After arriving back in Longsaddle we heard rumours of a shieldmeet down south….East of Triboar. So we decided to pack up our gear and head down there.
Didn’t get far before we found a merchant caravan where everyone seemed to have gone mad. Bleeding black oil or something. Weird.
Anyway we killed all them – righted the caravan and headed to Triboar with the merchant who seems to have lost his taste for getting to Luskan.

After a bit of fishing around – looks like the guys that went made drank some strange beer and it sent them crazy.
That was OK but that night 2 thieves broke into our room and tried to nick our stuff….I was taken by surprise and only with some help managed to stop them from fleeing. Got myself a nice chain shirt though… !



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