False Riches

First stop: Longsaddle

We begin.

So, Mac and I travel to Longsaddle looking for work. Odd place.
I’ve seen magics before but this is out there.
Anyway, needing coin and because most of the pro’s are away at a tournament or something. We got a job guarding a dwarf wizard looking for a lost wand.
There was a lot of mumbo jumbo before we headed out.
Spent the night at some ranch place to the north west. A prick of a fellow called Victor the Fertile. Had a bunch of slaves and stuff.
Anyway, we left in a hurry after some weird ghosty thing turned up in the middle of the night. Place is nothing but bad bad news.
We got ambushed later in the day by a big-ass bear. He killed Lucky George and Townley got kicked off the bridge by Marden. Might have been an accident. The silver blades sort of wilted under fire — I guess the bear was pretty nasty.
Finished up by a ravine. Everyone feeling like this job is going downhill fast.
2nd Flamerule.



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